Thématique: Writing and communicating
Writing an academic paper in group
The art of working well together
  • Apply best practices for preparing and writing academic papers in group
Put the steps for writing a group work in the correct order.
Each person reviews the work as a whole and adds comments
Each person writes a part of the work
A complete bibliography of the work is written
The group members share the parts to be written
A designated person does the layout of the document
Each person evaluates and incorporates relevant comments received on their part
What kinds of tools can Anna, Fred, and their colleagues use to ensure good communication in the group? (check each correct response)
For an equitable and efficient distribution of work, which actions can be taken by the students involved in this work? (check each correct response)
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Communication is crucial to the success of group work. Therefore, define from the start the means of communication that will be used in the group (email, discussion groups, meetings, etc.) and use them in accordance with the common rules that you will have set.

Another key point is organization. To be effective, follow these steps:

  1. set common objectives that are understood and agreed upon by everyone
  2. discuss the distribution of roles and tasks; you can use this document as a guide
  3. plan all the steps of the work, without forgetting to plan individual and joint proofreading of your productions; a good use of the commenting and editing features available in most writing tools will be of great help for this stage.

Many software exist to facilitate collaborative work, some of which are free and open source. Depending on your needs (type of document to produce, synchronous (= simultaneous) or asynchronous work, etc.), select the one or ones that suit you best and make sure that each member of the group has access to them and knows how to use them.