Thématique: Evaluating sources
The advantages of reference management software
The art of managing your references
  • Understanding the advantages of a reference management software
Which of the following can reference management software help you with? (check all that apply)
Which of the following are reference management tools? (check all that apply)
Fred and Jules have to prepare an annotated bibliography (synthesis + bibliography) for their study group. They’re considering using reference management software for this but are not sure they really need to. Which of the following arguments will help convince them? (check all that apply)
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If, like Fred, your notes are scattered about and you can’t find the information you need when you’re looking for it, using a reference management software program from the beginning of your research will make your life easier:

  • It extracts the bibliographic references directly from the information retrieval tools and the Internet, and centralizes them
  • It lets you add notes and attachments (even full text articles) as well as keywords to your references
  • With just one click, the references you have selected are exported as a bibliography in your chosen style. Also, most software offers plugins for word processors (Word, OpenOffice, etc.) to make citing references easier when you’re writing.

Here are a few reference management software programs that our librarians recommend:

Zotero EndNote Mendeley
License type Free, open-source research tool Free for UNIGE students and employees at portail Support-SI) Free
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone/iPad app Windows, MacOS, iPad app Windows, MacOS, Linux
Free online storage 300 MB Unlimited 2 GB
Automatic reference import
(from the main information retrieval tools and publisher databases)
with Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari
with Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari
with Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari
Importing and storing full texts (PDF) oui oui oui
Integrated in word processors oui oui oui
Collaborative functions oui oui oui
UNIGE training oui
Info and dates
Info and dates

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