Thématique: Finding sources
How to access electronic resources from anywhere
The art of being at the library even when at home
  • Know how to access the University’s electronic resources from any computer with a VPN
When you’re connected to the UNIGE Wi-Fi, you need the VPN to access the University’s network.
From home, you need a VPN connection to access the following: (select only one)
When outside the university and connected to the VPN, you can access the full text of electronic journals that the library subscribes to.
(Log on to My Space to save your results.)

To avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable position like Fred, who had to run to the library at the last minute to get a document for a class the next day, follow Anna’s advice and use the VPN.

The UNIGE VPN software (Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect to UNIGE’s network from any workplace in the world and access the information retrieval tools and electronic documents the library subscribes to.

You will find the information necessary to install the VPN here: Working remotely

After installing, you can connect to the VPN each time that you need to access the Library’s resources.