Thématique: Finding sources
How to start a documentary research
The art of finding what you’re looking for
  • Discover the information retrieval tools offered by the library to access different types of sources
To search a topic using keywords, which tools should Fred use? (select all that apply)
A professor gave Fred an article reference. Which tool should he use first to get the full text quickly? (select all that apply)
What types of sources can you find in swisscovery UNIGE? (select all that apply)
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Even if Fred still doesn’t know how to go about finding the sources he needs in the library, he had good instincts for once. He equipped himself with his keywords and started his research on swisscovery UNIGE.

To make sure you find the document you need, be aware that there are two research tools to prioritize:

  • swisscovery UNIGE
  • multidisciplinary and discipline-specific databases

If you already have a complete bibliographic reference, use swisscovery UNIGE first to find the full text.

If you’re in the same situation as Fred, using a research question and keywords to find sources, swisscovery UNIGE and another database will do the trick.

Finally, only download what you really need. In case of abuse, electronic content providers may block access to the entire University.