Thématique: Writing and communicating
Ways to improve your public speaking
The art of winning over your audience
  • Get your audience’s attention by developing your public speaking skills
During an oral presentation, it is possible for your body and your words to convey different messages.
Which of the elements below is it absolutely necessary for you to know before your oral presentation? (Select all that apply)
Which of the tips below should Fred and Anna have followed in order to communicate more effectively during their presentations? (Select only one)
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Whether you are an excellent orator like Fred or lack confidence like Anna, you can improve your public speaking skills by following the advice below.

As you give an oral presentation, keep in mind that your body is a tool that can help you present your work and get your message across. The rhythm of your speech, the tone of your voice, your eye contact, your posture, and your gestures have almost as much of an impact as your words. These elements are collectively known as “non-verbal communication”, and they should be communicating the same message as the one conveyed by your words.

Watch out for gestures that could distract your audience and take their attention away from what you’re saying. Don’t forget to smile and to look at the people you are talking to. That will make communicating with them much easier.

To master all these elements and to be at ease, you have to rehearse many times. A thorough understanding of your topic is also required if you want to express yourself easily and confidently. Careful preparation is key.