Thématique: Writing and communicating
Best writing practices for university students
The art of writing an academic paper
  • Writing your paper
Anna and Fred are about to write their papers. Which of the following points will help them write quality papers? (check all that apply)
Formatting is important because: (only one answer)
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It’s not easy to start writing an academic paper. For some like Fred, writing reams is not problem, but for others like Anna, it’s much harder to get started. In either case, use the following advice to help you get started with writing your paper.

Establish a plan before starting to write. It’s the best way to lay out your ideas and organize them logically.

An academic paper must be written in a way to help comprehension and usually contains:

  • An introduction
  • Developing arguments
  • A critique or discussion of your findings
  • A conclusion
  • A bibliography

Use short sentences and a vocabulary that is suited to your domain when writing your paper.

Formatting is also important. Ask your professor about what the requirements are.


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