Thématique: Evaluating sources
Techniques for organizing and collating research results
The art of bringing it all together
  • Getting a handle on your research
Which of the following will help you synthesize and integrate information found in a corpus of reading notes? (check all that apply)
Fred has to assess the progress of his research project for a course. Put the following statements in order to help him create a mind map to synthesize his corpus of reading notes
Identify which concepts are missing information and complete them with further research
Arrange concepts on the mind map in patterns branching out from the central idea to organize secondary concepts as they relate to the main theme of your research
Place the main research theme in the center of the page
Link the reading notes to concepts
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Anna’s story is a typical example of the doubts you have at the end of your research when it’s time to start structuring your thoughts.

Synthesize all the information you have gathered to have a good overview of where you stand in your research. It will help you get a good visual of what you already know on your topic and what you are still missing. Evaluating the progress of your research will help you consolidate your ideas and ease into the writing stage.

Follow these steps to use a mind map:

  1. write your research question in the center of the page
  2. group your information by theme around the question
  3. add the references for the documents containing your information
  4. inspect each theme to see which ones might be missing information.

Be sure to accurately note the bibliographic references for all the documents you use.