Thématique: Making a research plan
Identifying essential keywords for your research question
The art of finding your keys
  • Break down your research question into keywords
  • Find synonyms and translations for keywords
What method should Anna use to organize her keywords? (select all that apply).
Thesauri are useful for finding synonyms when looking for keywords in a discipline’s database.
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You have undoubtedly found yourself in the same situation as Anna who doesn’t know how to choose the right keywords to use in search tools and thus find the sources she needs for her work. A good method consists of the following steps.

  1. Outline the concepts for your research question.
  2. For each concept, search for keywords, synonyms, and translations with the help of dictionaries and discipline-specific resources like a thesaurus.
  3. For an overview, make a mind map or a table to unify your concepts and keywords.