Thématique: Making a research plan
How to recognize the types of sources that you need
The art of distinguishing between the useful and the superfluous
  • Distinguish between types of sources
  • Choose the most appropriate and relevant sources
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It’s common for students to check out books at the library that aren’t relevant to their needs. To avoid wasting time reading inappropriate sources like Fred, it’s important to remember that each type of document has its use:

  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias identify concepts and definitions, as well as giving you a subject overview.
  • Books and textbooks focus on one subject to deepen your knowledge.
  • Journals and reviews have the latest information within a subject field, as well as more specific information. There are different types of articles within journals:
    • Research papers for new scientific results
    • Reviews for subject overviews
    • Conference proceedings
  • Gray literature includes anything that is published outside of commercial publishing channels (such as conference papers or dissertations).
Now you have what you need to make the right choice according to the type of project you have.