Level test

When beginning an academic project, you must formulate a research question that can be answered immediately.
Google Scholar provides remote access to the electronic resources of the UNIGE Library. It is the best tool for quick access to the full text of an electronic article.
If you don't get enough results with the search university AND sport, you can try university AND (sport OR competition) to expand the search.
The following reference is for a book:
Merola I, Mills DS (2016). Behavioural signs of pain in cats: an expert consensus. Plos One, 11(2): e0150040.
Peer review is a process used to ensure the quality of websites.
Once a number of relevant documents have been identified, they can be organized in a mind map to identify the need for further research.
Reference management software helps you to create bibliographies in a word processor according to the author-date model or the numeric model, depending on your teachers' requirements.
In personal reading notes, it is recommended to write the full reference of the document and to clearly enclose quotations from the original text in quotation marks.
It is plagiarism to use a picture from the Internet in your work without citing the source.
When you want to use an author’s idea in your own work, you must always include exact quotations within quotation marks to avoid being accused of plagiarism.
For group work, it's essential to divide up all the tasks involved in finalizing the work, including formatting.
At an oral defense, it is essential to summarize all of your written work without any omissions.
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