Level test

When beginning an academic project, you must formulate a research question that can be answered immediately.
To search for documents about the influence of sleep deprivation on students’ success, the only keywords needed are: sleep, success, student.
Encyclopedias are ideal for familiarizing yourself with the concepts of a research topic.
The following reference is for a book:
Merola I, Mills DS (2016). Behavioural signs of pain in cats: an expert consensus. Plos One, 11(2): e0150040.
Swisscovery UNIGE is the best search tool to use for access to an article in an electronic journal that UNIGE subscribes to.
AND and OR are Boolean operators that you can use to combine keywords in a search engine.
If you don't get enough results with the search university AND sport AND result, you can try university AND (sport OR competition) AND (result OR performance) to expand the search.
Google Scholar is a word processor for academic writing.
VPN is a software that allows you to more easily access your UNIGE email from home.
To find a book on the shelves in the UNIGE library, you need to know the call number.
A web page hosted by an internationally recognized organization, and that indicates the date of the most recent update, is probably a high quality page.
Peer review is a process used to ensure the quality of articles published in scientific journals.
If an article published in a scientific journal contains one of the keywords used for your research in its title, it is definitely useful to cite it in your work.
Reference management software helps you to create bibliographies in a word processor.
In reading notes on a book, you must always copy the summary provided by the publisher.
It is possible to present a summary of your research in the form of a mind map.
The formatting of your academic work (fonts, margins, etc.) also counts in the final evaluation.
At an oral defense, it is essential to summarize all of your written work without any omissions.
During an oral presentation, you must constantly refer to what is written on the slides to ensure that the audience can follow you.
At UNIGE, professors have software that allows them to detect plagiarism in academic work.
It is plagiarism to use a picture from the Internet in your work without citing the source.
If you refer to the same text twice in an academic work, it is not necessary to cite it twice since it is already in the bibliography at the end.
When you want to use an author’s idea in your own work, you must always include exact quotations within quotation marks to avoid being accused of plagiarism.
To cite a source within an academic work, you can either cite the author’s name and the date of the work in parenthesis or use a numbered reference.
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