Thématique: Finding sources
Where to find a book in the library
The art of finding your call number
  • Find print sources at the library
  • Check the availability of an item on RERO Explore Genève
  • Request an interlibrary loan
To find print books on molecular biology at the UNIGE library, which search tool should Anna use? (select only one)
Among the following suggestions, which can help you find a print book available at the UNIGE Library? (select all that apply)
What information is useful when requesting an interlibrary loan? (select all that apply)
The interlibrary loan (ILL) service is free for students and employees of the University of Geneva. (True/False)
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You probably recognize yourself in Anna’s situation, lost in the stacks while desperately looking for a book. To answer the age-old question, where is the document I’m looking for? Remember that all the information is in the item record. You just have to write down the important information, particularly the call number.

To find a print source at the UNIGE library, use RERO Explore Geneva:

  • Search for your document in RERO Explore Geneva
  • Click on « Get » to show the location information:

copie d'écran de RERO Explore Genève